“Given the power of Albers’ experimental technique I can’t believe that I am the only one of Mr. Albers many talented students that made significant color discoveries and contributions to our understanding of color. I can talk with confidence about what I did to advance our understanding of color but not about what may have been accomplished by those that studied with Albers after I graduated and left Yale.”
Seymour Hal Rogoff
"Called by critics a 'color theorist,' 'communications expert,' and 'The Wizard of Op'" The Park Forest Star, May 11, 1969 Hal became the first artist to successfully paint with the concept of color as light energy. His hard-edge geometric artwork is aesthetically appealing and demonstrates and corrects many color principles. Hal hoped to provide a road-map from which future artists can master the visual language.
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The Star 1965 Hal Rogoff, Known as "The Father of 'Op' Art," as seen addressing members of Alpha Delta Pi sorority at the group's first meeting of the season. First prize winner in the recent Park Forest art fair with his painting, "Yellow Diamonds," Mr. Rogoff is art instructor at Joliet Junior college and at Rich his school's adult art program. He also teaches an accredited course on optical illusions of color at the Suburban Arts league, Highland Park
"Red Rover" by One of America's first op artists, Hal Rogoff introduces artist Solecki to op art. Article quotes Hal's relationship with Yale and the experimentation of op art in relationship to "pop" art.
HE DISCOVERED and proved an original theory of color perception, the double or reverse after-image, a study that disproved a formally held theory in the field. Called by critics a "color theorists," communications expert", and "The Wizard of Op." Rogoff's optical illusion, or "op" paintings, have attracted nation-wide notice. He is listed in "who's Who in the Midwest" of 1969-70 and again in 1970-71