"The more I have learned about how we perceive and our mechanisms of perception the more I have come to believe that all sensory perception is subjective. We never perceive things objectively as they are. We always perceive them subjectively as we are. All sensory perception is illusion. Therefore everyone’s truth is true but everyone’s truth is different."
Seymour Hal Rogoff
"Called by critics a 'color theorist,' 'communications expert,' and 'The Wizard of Op'" The Park Forest Star, May 11, 1969 Hal became the first artist to successfully paint with the concept of color as light energy. His hard-edge geometric artwork is aesthetically appealing and demonstrates and corrects many color principles. Hal hoped to provide a road-map from which future artists can master the visual language.

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"I determined to develop a symbolic statement for our culture in which we are all interdependent on one another. I was looking for a way to do this when I saw Esher's design of birds and fish. Social Pattern Dancers is the result." - Hal Rogoff